Sarah wrote this story and she deserves the Art and Writing award for it. All about her guardian angel. Thank Sarah for all the efforts and time you put in this story. Gaining a Guardian Angel TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2012 “Yaser and Hamed got in a car accident,” my […]


Samuel Aldin

As long as I’m here, as long as your with me, give me that old school love right now. Every time we get together we have you with us Hamed & it’s forever. I love you forever & always, nothing changes bro.


Samuel Aldin

It was a great night on Omar’s birthday, we think of you every time we come together. Love you Hamed, forever & always.


Samuel Aldin

Missing our angel.. each one of us are so blessed & can’t thank you enough for the love & care you showed to everyone with the most amazing soul, heart & mind I will ever find but we connect through this & every lifetime. I love you & miss you […]

It’s still hard to believe you are gone. It’s hard living without my best friend and my brother. Our friendship was like no other, it’s something that I’ll never forget. Speaking of things I’ll never forget, it has been more than a year and your smile still doesn’t escape me. […]


Samuel Aldin

The void you have left is unmeasurable mentally, physically & emotional. Every time I see your brothers I miss seeing you there with us & hearing your amazing personality & soul. In fairness I feel you laughing every time we laugh & walking with us through everything in life. Your […]


Samuel Aldin

I miss you bro, you know I think of you daily. I thank God everyday for giving me my bestfriend while you were here & now my angel now that your away. Its a new year & regardless of time the love & brotherhood will never fade. Whenever I get […]


Omar Aldin

Thank you all for coming out to the grave today. You all have the kindest hearts and I’m sure you guys put a huge smile on his face. All of you are great friends and seeing you all together here makes me happy. I wish I could’ve been there to […]