Great Souls Never Die

This world is nothing. We are nothing to this world. This world was created by God to test the souls that live upon it.  It was created to test our patience and our faith, our faith in God. Everything happens for a reason, God will make every bad thing better. God could take anyone or anything from us whenever he wants to. It’s all a test. When Hamed left he didn’t say goodbye, it was more of a see you later. Maybe it will be tomorrow, maybe in months, or maybe in years we will get to see him again. The idea is that Hamed is still alive. Great Souls Never Die. He is with us every moment of the day, every second of the night. He is with us through tough times, and he is with through great times. When we laugh, he will be laugh with us. When we cry he will be crying with us. And when our time comes, he will be waiting for us.


Hamed was never in his life self-conceited. He never saw himself better than any other person. He thought of himself equal to any other person in this world. Hamed would always listen to you (no matter who you are, his ears were wide open), and he ALWAYS asked questions. Hamed was a very generous. He always wanted to adopt an orphan. He would always donate money of his own to an orphanage in Jordan.  Hamed was very affectionate. In fact, the day of the accident, Hamed’s mom was coming down with the flu. As his mom was heading down to make him and his brother a sandwich for breakfast, he stopped her, put her back in bed and told her he would make them. He made a sandwich for him and his brother and headed out.


Not only was his personality special, but his beautiful face was too. When I looked at him, I saw light.  Hamed always smiled. Wherever he was, whomever he was with, whatever the time was he would be smiling. His smile was beautiful. Something I always noticed when he smiled is that he would squint his eyes.


I could keep writing and writing about Hamed, he was truly an amazing person. Hamed may be a brother, a cousin, a friend, a son, or a nephew to us, but to all of us, Hamed was a TEACHER. He taught many of his family members what a family his. He taught many of his friends what a true friend is. But he taught all of us what family really means. What love really means. What life really means. Life is precious. Live every moment like it is your last. When you say, “I love you,” say it like you mean it. Always put your family first because you never know when you when you’ll lose someone. You will always see that person later, but you never know when. I’ll greatly miss your amazing personality, I’ll miss your beautiful eyes, I’ll miss you saying, “Hey best friend!” when you see me. I’ll miss everything, but most of all I’ll miss your unforgettable smile. I can see you walking through the front door with that precious smile on your face. We had a lot of great moments together that will stay with me forever. Whenever I’m going through tough times, I’ll think of those moments that we shared, and I’m sure they will make me smile. Soon enough will make some more great moments in heaven. Rest in peace Hammodi… I’ll see you later habibi.

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Proud to be a cousin, sister, friend, and student of this amazing soul. Rest in peace my will be greatly missed.

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