Shivam Patel

It has been a year since you’ve passed hamed and to be honest not a day has gone by that something hasn’t made me think of you. We’ve been friends since pre-K and i cherish the memories that we share. I miss you hamed ….but you’re in a better place […]


Omar Aldin

Happy Birthday Hamed! Not a day goes by that im not thinking of you. I know your looking over me and laughing at the stupid things that I do. I miss laughing at the stupidest things, I miss messing with you, I miss doing stupid things with you, but most […]


Dalal Chaya

Today Hamed turned 16, but unfortunately he could be w/ us this very special day. He was taken away due to an unfair event. But he left this world with good vibes. Not only was he funny, but he was an amazing guy with a big dream~ to help others, […]

Not one day has passed and I don’t think about you. Man I can’t believe its been one year we haven’t met together. Time keeps flying by and everyday I miss you more. Happy 16th birthday! It been exactly a year since we last met and spoke to each other. […]

Samuel Aldin facebook.. you know I dont need to write on here but I will write this for our family. I speak to you daily, you have given me the courage & strength to become the man I am supposed to be. Its a lifetime strive to become the best […]

Sanaa Almolhem Sarah Aldin You are and will always remain as the inspiration for our successes. Everyday passes and you still remain in my thoughts and standing by me everyday. Because of you, I have learned to cherish every moment in life, every moment with our family because anyone can […]

Samir Hamed Sharaf Aldin Hamed… You’re still here in my heart and mind, Still making me laugh because your stories live on. I promise you I will be missing you everyday until the end of time. I hold you in a thought and I can feel you. I feel you […]

Samuel Aldin I choose no greeting because you never leave us, your my person to always talk to when no one else is there. I see you with each one of us everywhere we go & in everything we do in life. The time keeps passing without seeing your face […]

How you doing up there bro? You never have to tell me cause I know without doubt your in a better place that most will never reach. I know your watching over your family & I but I’ am pleased to tell you we are all doing better, letting go […]

  I have trouble sometimes accepting the fact that your gone, so I dont. I could understand why God would want you closer to him because you truly where an angel on earth. Teaching all of your family & even more so now that your in a much better place. […]