Hamed, your absence is difficult. Your smile is unforgettable. Your love and care is irreplaceable. We all miss you very much and can’t stop thinking about you. If I only knew!!!

Happy Valentines day bro. I miss you still & each day its all I feel. You flew far away but still teaching me how to become better each & everyday. Its a big void you have left & shoes I know I must try to fill. The lessons your showing […]

Your gone but with me always. I talk about you everyday. Sometimes I think people dont wana hear about it anymore but I will show every person I come in contact with the love that grows stronger everyday in my heart, soul & mind. I know we will be together […]

Your the only thing promised to me, so I treat life like I am about to leave. I deal with hate like love is something that I don’t believe, except in you so I cherish everyday that I breathe. Thank you for watching over me & showing me all the […]

as time passes by & each day fades away I grow stronger by becoming closer to you until I get to kick it with you again. people tell me now that dont even know you that they feel someone around me. It shocks them to feel that. I just tell […]

Samuel Aldin I know your in a better place but I would give the world just to see your face we will never say goodbye forever my brother, will never change bro  

I’m another day closer, cant never forget my brother. & on that day I will fly away, so far away as you did. your gone now but are still with me everywhere I go. I think of you & your soul electrifies my body from my head to my feet, […]

Goodmorning the man. I will write & talk to you until I am the last one left, until I see you again. Only time seperates us now but nothing could ever break our connection. I feel it every where I go & in everything I do. Its true I still […]

This world is nothing. We are nothing to this world. This world was created by God to test the souls that live upon it.  It was created to test our patience and our faith, our faith in God. Everything happens for a reason, God will make every bad thing better. […]

I wish that I could touch you now I wish that I could talk to you be with you, somehow I know your in a better place even though I cant see your face I know your smiling down on me saying everything is okay ♥