Everything I do from now is for you you told me not to quit so now I make it God you took the realest soul, please keep him close he is an angel & brother, please keep him close & if its alright with you, let him come back home […]

Each day I think of all I could give, in my heart & soul you live. you found me & I found you, nothing we couldn’t overcome or do so I keep it true like if the world only knew. we stayed beyond from the start, gifted with art lived […]

just thinkin about you bro, every single day. I love you & miss you. know we still & will forever be living every dream we intelligently created in our mind, heart & soul. I’ll be seeing you than man, forever & always mayne.

I still have trouble accepting your gone, so I won’t. It will be like we went for a while without seeing each other. But I can understand why God would want you close to him because you were truly an angel on earth. In my own special way, I love […]

I know you’re shining down on me from Heaven Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way & I know eventually we’ll be together One sweet day Picture a little scene from Heaven … Although, the sun will never shine the same I’ll always look to a brighter day […]


Dalal Chaya

R.I.P Hamed Aldin, we love u, miss u, and we know that ur not gone and ur watching over us… I really wish I got to know u better. See u soon Hamed  

 Aunt Aboora: Hamed is in heaven, we all know that. A soul like his has a free pass to heaven, no doubt. GREAT SOULS NEVER DIE. I can’t imagine how you feel, that was an amazing soul. There was a line above that stated,”I remember the looks of joy and […]

Despite all of our advances as a society, all of our wisdom, and all of our accomplishments, finding some sense of meaning in death still seems elusive to us. Regardless of the God we worship, death remains one of the few great unsolved mysteries of life. So, like most people, […]

sometimes I wish I could see you & just talk, no destination & just walk. I feel you like crazy in the studio now, I love how your with me all the time now & we still a team. Each kick of the bass, every note, every verse, every hook, […]

Hello Handsome Hamed, I am writing this to let you know you are greatly missed; I miss you today than ever. While I was thinking about you, I started thinking about the things I miss the most about you. Let me start with your love and care to everyone is […]