Hello Handsome Hamed,
I am writing this to let you know you are greatly missed; I miss you today than ever. While I was thinking about you, I started thinking about the things I miss the most about you. Let me start with your love and care to everyone is leaving a great gap to fill. Your gorgeous smile is exceptional, unforgettable, and will always be there every time I think of you. Moreover, your responsible competitive attitude always gave me reasons to work harder for a successor whom I have all the confidence in to carry on. Your ability to listen gave me a sense of security every time we talked. Your well taught manners and respect is above and beyond a human; it’s what an angel would be. I concluded you are our guardian angel from god who will always remain to protect us and keep us together.
Hamed, your felt presence and beautiful memories gives us reasons to continue on the path of your mission. Please stay in touch as much as you can.
Truthfully Yours,

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