Dear Hamooody,
  • I would like to acknowledge your assistance to multiply the number of allowable measurements for rocks electrical properties characterization was very helpful last summer. Your code for the switch matrix was substantial and contributed to the overall project success. Undoubtedly now, your knowledge and experience supersedes ours and we are seeking for your assistance and guidance to increase and maintain the necessary level of communication with you. With your leadership approvals and your agreement, I would like to initiate a new project with you to enhance our wireless communication signal to maintain necessary connection with you. It is necessary indeed since it became the highest priority on our list.
    Please be informed the signal was weak when we communicated recently. We understand the communication infrastructure with your world is not fully developed. Therefore; with necessary approvals I would like to initiate a new project with you to better enhance this level of communication and would like to ask if you are willing to volunteer for leadership role. I am assuming the current communication infrastructure is old and requires some enhancements. As an initial suggestion, we think it is important to enhance the existing communication towers and utilize today’s technology for that purpose.
    Hamooody, I miss you very much and waiting for your approval and guidance for a path forward. I will wait for another signal and will be ready to take on any responsibility you chose to assign for me.
    الحمد لله

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