I have trouble sometimes accepting the fact that your gone, so I dont. I could understand why God would want you closer to him because you truly where an angel on earth. Teaching all of your family & even more so now that your in a much better place. I know you still around all of us because seeing the family & myself grow in ways I didnt now that were possible let me know that it is YOU. No one else could reach & teach our souls as you did & still do. I am very close to making this MUSIC & studio happen for our family. We will better the world, we knew how much it needs it when you were here & we know how much the world needs us more than ever now. I have made the powerpoint presentation with Omar, Sarah, & Yaser to ask our Dads to help us change the world. It was soo much fun doing it & I couldnt have done it without you. We enjoy each others company more than a thousand lifetimes could teach us, family & love is all I live for til the day we meet again. All the family is going to a resort in San Antonio this weekend, I know you will be there :) I never could have imagined us all taking the time to do that together, I could never thank you enough for that. You will be with us through everything in life we do & for that I feel INVINCIBLE ♥ nothing will stop us, no evil will stand against us & we will spread the love you have taught us everyday to every person we all come in contact with. You have gave us the greatest purpose in life to live for, each other :) I love you & be talking to you as always, nothing ever changes. I’ll be seeing you bro, take care up there & continue watching over us.

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