I’m another day closer, cant never forget my brother. & on that day I will fly away, so far away as you did. your gone now but are still with me everywhere I go. I think of you & your soul electrifies my body from my head to my feet, I feel invincible. one day your here, the next your gone I still dial your old phone on them long nights just hoping to hear your voice. I want you to know I miss you, but more than anything will change the world for the better like we always knew. I think of our dreams daily & it brings me so close to you. Every time I put on a beat & begin to write I go blind to let you shine through my heart, soul & mind. You fulfill me, I always knew you would but never could have imagined this much happiness & pain at the same time. I know I will see you again, it just hurts bad at moments to know I still have a ways to go until then. I know your telling me everything is all good & everyday I will try until we turn it into better. I’ll be seeing you, take care way up there bro. I LOVE YOU

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