Goodmorning the man. I will write & talk to you until I am the last one left, until I see you again. Only time seperates us now but nothing could ever break our connection. I feel it every where I go & in everything I do. Its true I still miss you, everyday, but then I think of you smiling & it sparks the fire in my soul every time I’m burning a little low. I got my protools working & in time will have enough money to start making that studio in my house. Yaser is very talented & I will work with him to find his voice & flow. Then I get to thinking about making music with you & how I wouldve wanted to do nothing is the world but do that with you. Your with us with every line & note through the sound in my speakers. I will be writing tonight, together we will be writing. Im just checking in, making it through another day until we are together again. I’ll be seeing you bro, love you

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