Happy new years bro. since you been gone its been you every minute of everyday. I will never feel alone again, your my angel to make this king feel invincible. what this has done to myself, your family, & your friends has been the ultimate bitter sweet feeling. You taught us all what life, love & living is all about. I have never been so motivated, focused or complete. With this music & everyone I encounter each day I live I will give, show & teach the love & integrity you showed to all. We shared a level together that none will ever come on again, your more than a brother dont ever think I will switch up. I miss talking about the evil in the world, the government, illuminati, & MUSIC. We were brighter, super tight, becoming super tighter. I could have never seen that I would ever have to lose the other half of my team. We were gona change the world, we both know that without doubt. You always told me I could do it all but I always told you how much I needed you to do so. Im blessed to have you as a brother & friend who was with me to the end for forever. The world will always remember you were here because in everything I do I will make them remember ♥ see you later the man.

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