Only a matter of time. Thinking is something I do a lot since you’ve been gone. Everyday its you, I cant never forget my brother. You live in me & every person you touched in your life. Its true I miss you more than life itself & would trade the world for just a moment together, but thats my heart missing all the love you bring. In our souls, no life or no one else could ever come between us. Its only days of time that separate us now until I see you again. My life is dedicated to you, such a beautiful purpose I now have to live for. You have gave me the strength & understanding to better lead our family, I wont let them down or leave them lonely. The MUSIC is our love, our connection & our passion that will always bring us together again. I promise I will change the world & show everyone the image you created, its the blueprint I needed to fight evil. You know we thinking playa made bro :) you soon will see big bro will fulfill your destiny, its… forever in me. Im 23 years old & your teaching me so much about life, love & our family. I will let that love you gave me grow through this & every lifetime to come. I live to make you proud & will make sure the family to everyone around me treat life & people as you did, selfless love unconditionally. Everyday I will wake up & try, I have to be strong so I wont cry, I pray your in a better place & I feel it when I look up in the sky, I told you that your my brother forever & I didnt lie ♥ if we never see each other tell Tupac I’m holding it down & chuck the duece from me to Pat, you in the same category that me & Screw was. I know you up there jammin :) I told you I was gona make you proud, now thats all I know. Dont you worry about a thing, everything is gona be okay cause I know you right by my side, its only a matter of time ♥ I’ll be seeing you forever & always, beyond love you bro.
 Friday at 3:05pm

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