sometimes I wish I could see you & just talk, no destination & just walk. I feel you like crazy in the studio now, I love how your with me all the time now & we still a team. Each kick of the bass, every note, every verse, every hook, a million watts with my truth of voice through your image, your love, your soul to change the world for the better. I will make the studio we always talked about no matter what it takes, killuminati. When I pass thats when we pick back up, til then I love throught you. Each day I feel stronger, though each day I miss you more & more. Bro you know how much we were going to do… I seen it all the time then & even more now, we both did like a movie in our imaginative brilliance of mind. I know we can do this but you were the most important person in all of this & still are more than ever. We talk all the time no matter what, this is just words on facebook to you, always thinking about the man. Thank you for the legacy you left for me in order to fulfill my destiny. Our souls defy death to connect through past, present & future lifetimes. Forever together. Have I made myself clear, your gone baby but I swear you will be forever right here ♥

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