Sanaa Almolhem Sarah Aldin

You are and will always remain as the inspiration for our successes. Everyday passes and you still remain in my thoughts and standing by me everyday. Because of you, I have learned to cherish every moment in life, every moment with our family because anyone can be taken away at anytime. Always tell your family that you love them because you might not always be able to. If only I knew, I would have spent a some more time with you. I would have let you know that I do love you so much and respect you as a person so much. You really stood out to me out of our whole family You were different, in an amazing way. Honestly, I still can’t believe that you have left our lives. When we go over to your house, I expect you to be there because you were always there, but then I realize Hamed you aren’t going to be there. Everyone is suffering without you. From your dad, to your mom, to all of us. I have never seen your dad like this, you can see he is hurting through his face. I know for sure your mom can’t get you out of her head. My dad always thinks of you and can’t get you out of his head as well. No one can. I don’t know if you are seeing any of the posts that anyone is writing, but I’m sure everyone wants you to know that we all love you so much and miss you greatly. Can’t wait to see you soon♥. -Sarah

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  • Samir Hamed Sharaf Aldin
  • Munir-Samir H AldinSarah, God put us on earth to accomplish specific tasks. His tasks are clearly accomplished. It is illustrated by your words and the high impact he left on everyone’s life. Great amount of love with constant reminders with how much he loved us “Bhbak”.See More
  • Jeje Noorيقولون تهوى القلوب من كان منها حاضرا وتنسى الذي عن العيون يغيب… واقول فكم من حاضر لا يستطاب به وكم من غائب عن العيون حبيب .الله يرحمك يا حموده ويصبر اهلك يا رب على شوق الغياب رح تظل دائما وابدا معنا وتشاركنا بكل شي لانك معنا.ويا رب يخليكن ويحميكن .See Translation

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